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About Us

Why Choose Us​


Own Factory​

Our factory is 26,359 square meters in area with 4,046 employees and produces 30-million pairs of eyelashes annually


Experienced & Helpful Team

Our account executives will helps customer with inquiries. Provides detailed information and fast response ensuring customer satisfaction


Quality Assurance

Guaranteeing products to order without problems is our way to customers which is one of our strengths.
QA/QC check on each of production line to delivers best eyelashes quality


50 Years Experience

In 1968, started as a one-man operation of making & delivering custom-ordered eyelashes. The venture steadily grew to become the world’s leading manufacturer of false eyelashes


Customized Lashes

Lash per your requirement spec: material, length, color, curl and thickness to achieve your dream lashes

ISO & GMP Company

We uphold international standards & corporate social responsibility and have been awarded with ISO Certification, the first for false eyelashes manufacturing company in the world

Royal Korindah Gallery