The Do’s and Dont’s in Wearing Eyelashes

Its become a custom for most of the women in the cities to wear false eyelashes in their dailies. Nevertheless, surprisingly whether we realized it or not, there are still some misconception in wearing this eye makeup.

This “mistakes”  although most probably will not cause any significant damage, but they could get in the way for you to have a maximum effect on your eyelashes.  Royal Korindah, as one of the pioneer in eyelashes industry, with decades of experiences in making and designing eyelashes, works hand in hand with makeup artists, academies, gurus, and brand owners, has some guidance of the do’s and don’ts  for you in wearing eyelashes. 


  • Don’t wear lashes without trimming them to the length of your lash line. (unless your lash line is at the same length or longer then your falsies) Because if not, they can pull down over your eyes and not look the least bit flattering.
  • Don’t cut them from the inner corner, always from cut the outer.
  • Don’t put it on straight in your eye without curving it first. Always give it a little bend gently so it will be more easily and comfy to wear.
  • Don’t use too much glue, since it can be harmful to your natural lashes and can cause irritation when it get on the inside of your eyes. Always apply a small amount at the center and a bit more at the corners.
  • Don’t over exposed to water. Unlike semi permanent lashes or eyelash extensions, most strip lashes are made for relatively short period of wearing (daily). Exposed with too much water may weaken/ dissolve the adhesive.
  • Don’t rub your eyes, chances you will ruin them.
  • Don’t use your falsies while you are in or just recovering from a rash or eye infection. Let your eyes rest naturally for few days until they are fully recovered.

The DO’S:

  • Do curl your natural lashes first with a lash curler, If your natural lashes are not curl at all / facing downward so your natural lashes will not look disconnected with your false lashes.
  • Do wait for the glue to dry. NEVER put your lashes on right after you’ve applied the glue. Wait for the glue to get tacky (around 30 seconds), then start putting it on.
  • Do use tweezers to get your lashes off the packaging to avoid your finger to break the hair or lash band.
  • Do carry an extra eyelash adhesive with you to fix your lashes on the unexpected moments. Bring the one you usually used and comfortable with to avoid problems. Royal Korindah also provide different sizes of eyelash adhesive (buy here) that has been proven for allergic and irritation free.
  • Do make sure you are wearing the right eyelashes that suit the type of your eye. Wearing the wrong one may cause an unpleasant result. Please visit this link to find the types of eyelashes that suit your eyes.
  • Do apply mascara for uniformity to get maximum result.
  • Do use eye makeup remover to remove your false eyelashes easily while on the other hand also to keep your natural eyelashes well taking care of.
  • Do keep your falsies back on the original tray to keep it out from dust and to maintain its curve.


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