Why We Need Individual Lashes?

In this beauty industry, most of the trends come and gone, for example false eyelashes. Eyelashes are one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your eyes, make your lashes look fuller, longer or natural. Many styles false eyelashes are keep changes, follow the up to date trending of false eyelashes.

The right option false lashes can make our eyelashes looks extra glamour, drama looks or to match any makeup looks nicely.

Nowadays, false eyelashes are come out in different types, styles and sizes. If this is the first experience in buying eyelashes for first time use, make sure you choose the correct styles eyelashes suitable with the event.

The individual lashes are great option. We can say,it’s the MUA – Make Up Artist favorite’s lashes, since they can create difference lash by playing with the volume of the lashes on the user.

Compared with regular strip-lash, with individual lash, you can adjust what you wish, for multiple reasons and worth to buy it!

People can add something special or different look from her natural lash.
Individual lashes as one of the false eyelashes series can add length and volume and colors eyelashes above your natural lashes, while maintaining a natural look.

If you want to get more drama looks you can add more volume in the center, or maybe an elongated flare, you can make all looks happen by using individual lashes!

While applying individual lashes may take some time, the end result is worth it!

The individual lashes can be used for several times, depending how you take care the false eyelashes and how to remove the false eyelashes itself!
PT. Royal Korindah as one of the leading Eyelashes manufacturer, we bring some of our Individual lashes collections that you will love.

You got full selection of daily look until full flare voluminous lashes, from roundy eyes, to the cat eyes version.
For more info about our individual false eyelashes collection, you can contact us since we are one of lash supplier and the most reliable company of eyelashes manufacturer in Indonesia.

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