Can I Have My Own Brand for Newbie in Lashes Business?

To answer, yes, it’s possible nowadays with no much hassle.

Having your own brand will certainly make the products more easily known to the wider community. By creating a product brand, it can increase public trust in the products you market. Especially if it’s under a person who already gain a “name” in public.

Some product found on market place having no brand, no lashes name at all

For example, you are currently in the eyelash business. You do not give a brand or brand to your eyelash product. You’re just selling it every day. Can you get a lot of sales and profit? Can. But the hassle is, it becomes difficult for customers to remember your business because you don’t have a brand.

There are too many lashes spread in market, which consist of, styles ( wispy, faux mink, mink, fluffy lashes), different brand of lashes may carry the same styles model, but having different quality when it comes to application.

If they did not even remember what is your brand, they can easily got distract by another brand.

The perception of getting your own private label – OEM, always interpreted with cost and high minimum order needed. Yes it was, but its not now.

As company who already in manufacture lashes over 50years, we come with better solution for you who are beginner in lashes business, we have some option of own brand packaging with no MOQ (min order quantity), It can a solution for customer who start their eyelashes online business..

What to wait, then?
Hurry up, contact our team for discuss further about this potential offer.

Elise Lashes with name of each lashes written on the product

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