What Is An Eyelash Glue?

Eyelash Glue: How to choose the right adhesive for your false eyelashes

Eyelash glue exist to fix false lashes on the eyelids, adding volume to the natural lashes. There are few kinds of glue that are most popular in the market.

White/ Clear Glue: Clear is always works with all colors, but can sometimes dry a little shiny. A quick fix is to take your eyeliner or shadow and lightly go over the band to matte down the shiny adhesive.

Black Glue: It would be more convenient for people using lack glue when they applying black eyeliner as this black glue color will merges with the black eyeliner.

Latex-Based Glue: It’s used for strip lashes. You can also use it for individual lashes, but only if you’re bonding them to the eyelid, right above the lash line, and it lasts for the day.

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Below is some points you need to list before select the suitable glue


Does the lashes adhesive contain substance that could due to allergic reaction?
The usual allergenic substance such as Alcohol, latex, paraben, etc.

Do some research on the customer reviews on the lashes adhesive to know adhesive quality based on others people opinion. Bad lashes glue can damage your natural lashes and irritate your eyes too.

Do “Patch Testing”, always ensure you carry out a patch test before trying out any false lash adhesive. This is highly important in order to prevent the risk of a reaction to the products formula.

To test the adhesive, simply apply a small amount to the skin behind your ear and leave it for 24 hours. If no reaction or irritation occurs, then you are okay to continue with the full application as Eyelash glue has direct contact with skin and applied on the eye area which are included the most sensitive area on your face. In this case you also need to watch the ingredient of the eyelashes glue that you’re going to buy.
4. Watch the expired date. Of course you don’t want to use expired glue don’t you?
5. Does the lashes adhesive dry quickly?
6. Does the lashes adhesive easy to use?
7. Need to make sure the lash adhesive are comfortable to use.
8. Does the Lashes adhesive could be able to hold false lashes in long period of time?
9. Kindly choose lashes adhesive that will not disturb your makeup appearance. Bad lashes adhesive might dry out in clumps.

Does the lashes adhesive that you buy is against cruelty – free / vegan?

If you’re animal lovers or vegan, you must be concern on such things. Make sure that the lashes adhesive are certified on cruelty free / vegan.

With more than 40 years in the eyelashes manufacture experience, Royal Korindah does have eyelash adhesive that meet above criteria, we also strictly following EU and US regulations as our standard in choosing our eyelash adhesive.


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