How Many Shapes Are The Human Eye?



There are six common eye shapes to consider when determining what your eye shape is: monolid, prominent, almond, downturned, hooded, and deep-set. Read our descriptions below to see what best resembles your eyes.


Monolid eyes feature little to no crease and appear to have a flatter overall eyelid surface.
More dramatic lashes look best on monolids because it gives the eye some dimension without overpowering the eye’s appearance.

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Downturned eyes feature a natural downward slant towards the outer corner of the eyes.
We recommend keeping the attention higher on the eyes. The outer corners are downturned, so you want to make sure that the lashes have a round shape to give the illusion of a lift.

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Prominent eyes feature a larger and more defined eye shape. A prominent eye tends to outshine other features of the face bringing attention to the eyes.
Prominent eyes will make any lash very visible on the lid, therefore we recommend a structured lash with light to medium density.

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Almond eyes are exactly that, shaped like almonds with either one or both sides having a slight point to them. Along with the overall shape if you are still wondering if you have almond eyes take a look directly in the mirror, if part of your iris is hidden then you in fact have almond-shaped eyes.
Just about every lash style will be flattering on almond eyes. The lash shape is more about what you feel the most confident wearing.

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Set deeper into the facial structure, deep set eyes create a more pronounced brow bone and eyelid with their placement.
Because the eyes sit further back in the socket, you want to make sure that lashes have enough volume to be seen but not too much to where it touches your brows. A wispy or medium density lash will look best on the deep set eye shape.

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