How to Stack False Eyelashes

Once you’ve selected your lashes, it’s time to stack them! It’s so quick and easy that you’ll wonder why you never tried it before.

Stack one lash atop another, pressing the bands together. You’ll want to be sure to match the ends of the lashes. If your lash bands have different widths, place the outside edge ends together.

Next, measure the lashes to fit your eye. Carefully place your stacked lash against your natural lash line and check the length. If you need to trim them, cut off a little at a time, and cut only from the outer edge. Got the fit just right? Great! Let’s get those lashes a-fluttering!

Instead of stacking two pairs of eyelashes, you can purchase Royal Korindah double lash with voluminous, fluffy, dramatic, wispy false eyelashes like our K2333.