Why We Need Under Lashes

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Did you know the benefits of using under lash for your eyes?


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So many knows how to use upper lashes and which are their types, but only few realized that there is one more eyelash not less important to support our beauty and appearance.

Yes! Correct, it’s under lash.

Underlash has many styles too, ranging from thick, thin, rare, and even shaped like tulips.  Click here!

So what really can you expected from using a bottom lash with your usual upper lash?
Check this out!!

    • Most of us are only focused on perfecting our upper eyelashes, but using fake eyelashes on your bottom lash line can open up your eyes and seriously enhance your eye makeup game.
    • Lashes can be added to the lower eyelid in order to balance out the look of your eyes and really enhance their shape.  If you’re like many women with sparse lower lashes, a few falsies tucked along the lash line can fill in the area and create a fuller effect to match the top lashes. 
    • Another benefit of lower falsies is that you don’t have to apply entire strip eyelashes to your lower eyes to make them pop.
    • Add the bold feel to your eye makeup.
    • To complete the appearance of your existing under lash or even to fill the “emptiness”  for some with very little under lash.
    • Asa perfect pair/match to your upper lash especially if you are playing with “theme” of eyelash makeup.

For you who just realized this, don’t worry, it’s not too late. We, PT. Royal Korindah are always support you with our large collections of lashes. We provide various types of lashes, not just under lashes but in so many styles with different length, shape and thickness and if it is still not enough, you can even develop your own style. Further info, please Click here.

So girl don’t hesitate to use under lash to make your beauty looks come true! Don’t wait!!! And see you soon.


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