Waterproof Lashes

It’s Summer time! And a question that a lot of people ask us around this time of year is…..

“Can I wear false eyelashes to beach or pool?”

“Can I go swimming while wearing false eyelashes?”

For many of us wearing false eyelashes the easiest way to get the instant beauty, you can easily apply and take them off. You can change the style as many as you want from natural to bold style, like we have in our eye lashes catalog.

When summer’s coming we usually do a lot of outdoor activity, like enjoying the sun at the beach or just having pool activity. For this activity you can wear our invincible lash band lashes not only it will enhance your look but it disguise with your natural lash due to the invincible lash band. On the other hand you also can try using Individual lashes that you can build to mimic natural or bolder look on your eyelid.

While you want to look great this summer, wearing falsies and doing water activity are like having love hate relationship. It make you look great but constant water exposure actually could weaken the hold between falsies and our natural lashes itself. Question is “are falsies waterproof or water resistant?”


Are false eyelashes waterproof?

With summer coming, you’re likely just finishing off the rest of your pool parties and beach days. While you definitely want to look amazing at these end of summer soirees, wearing your fake eyelash sets to these events might not be the best idea if you plan on taking a dip, although a little swimming is ok, too much is a bad idea. In short, fake eyelashes are not waterproof or water resistant, so wearing them in the water is a bad idea. Not only can water damage your lashes, glue adhesives aren’t made to resist chemicals in swimming pools, or saltwater in the sea.

Are false eyelashes resistant?

Knowing the difference between waterproof and water resistant is the main thing. When we say that something is waterproof, technically it means that it’s impermeable to water, no matter how much time it spends in water, and which means that it is coated in a material that allows it to completely block the permeation of water.

On the other hand, water resistant means that something is partially able to block permeation of water. It also means it may be able to perform its tasks or hold up under some water exposure, but not complete submersion.

It cannot be denied that wearing false eyelashes could escalate your look for taking picture while you are on pool parties and beach days. Even though falsies are not waterproof nor resistant, you can always carry on small size lash adhesive to re-apply to the falsies when you feel the falsies are started to detached, which also available in Royal Korindah.


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