Magnetic Lashes

No glue required, only magnetic”

False eyelashes are something that cannot be separated from beauty trends.

As we all know, traditional false eyelashes are just false eyelashes that are required the glue to be attached to your eyelid. Over time, people start to develop new types of lashes and one of them is magnetic lash. 


What’s the difference between your regular lashes? Let’s check it out!


First, there are two types of magnetic lashes. They can attach by using two magnetic lashes between your natural lashes. One is placed on top of your natural lashes and the other one is placed below your natural lashes. You may imagine the “sandwich” model. ☺

The other type of magnetic lashes is using magnetic eyeliner across your eyelid. Which one is easier? Both of them are easy to use, it’s depending on your preference.

The main difference between these two magnetic lashes with the old-fashioned lashes is on the lash adhesive. Traditional lashes is using sticky glue before you apply it onto the eyelid. It may cause allergic or irritation and leave the residue after using the lashes but for the magnetic lashes instead of using glue to adhere them, you can use magnetic eyeliner.

Yash! This kind of new innovation of the black eyeliner. This eyeliner is filled the iron oxide that can work or stick on the magnetic.  You can also add cat eyes effect with this eyeliner and stick on em–easy. Beautiful!

Are magnetic lashes safe?

Magnetic lashes are safe to use on the eyes because they don’t need to use lashes adhesive at all.

But you still need make sure that the tiny magnetic don’t get into your eyes. If you choose for using the magnetic eyeliner, don’t forget to check the ingredient.

Are magnetic lashes re-useable?

Magnetic lash is reusable and long lasting if you take care it properly just like the traditional false eyelashes.

How to clean your Magnetic Lashes?

After a full day wears these lashes, you have to remove them carefully. Make sure that you are not losing your natural lashes while taking off this false lash. You should use 90% alcohol or make-up remover.

Simply coat the cotton swab with alcohol and gently rub the lashes and the magnets until the entire residue is removed. Don’t use oil-based remover.

After the magnetic lashes are completely free of any residue, place them in the storing case. Make sure to keep them in a cool, dry place for next use.

Want to develop your own magnetic lashes? No worries, you may contact us ( for choosing or developing your beautiful style and we are pleased to help you to make it happen

Stay and find your Beauty Everyday.!


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