Human Hair Lashes – Natural Looking False Eyelashes

Human hair has very thin fibre that will create a very natural look when applied for the eyelashes. Human hair eyelashes also tend to be more flexible and look more natural on your eyes.

Many of the eyelashes lovers prefer this material for the daily use for their natural looking.

What are the advantages of eyelashes from human hair compared to the other materials?

Since human hair is decomposable, although it will takes several years with natural process, it could help in minimized the usage of plastic / non-biodegradable materials for eyelashes product. In some conditions where the soil and the humidity are moist and warm, the decomposition can be faster.

Being a biodegradable material and reducing waste, it already supporting the environment. It is also renewable and available in every locality so at the end contributes to the economy.

Are there types of human hair used for false eyelashes?

Besides the regular human hair, there are also virgin hair and Remy hair that can be used in the eyelashes making.
The regular human hair is any human hair ethically sourced from healthy and living human.

Virgin hair is also 100% human hair, but it’s never been chemically-treated or dyed. Virgin hair is believed to be the highest quality human hair available on the market, usually comes from younger woman so they are no grey hairs or split ends which make them expensive and yet it does last longer time than the Remy hair.

On the other hand, Remy hair is human ponytail hair with the cuticle in one direction, just only this can be dyed or treated. It is the most popular type of human hair due to the good quality and affordable pricing. Remy human hair is not virgin human hair. It is collected from different donors and may undergo processing which is the main difference between Remy and virgin hair.

Among this 3, virgin hair is the most expensive compared with Remy and regular human hair.

Can the human hair eyelashes be reuse?

All lashes from human hair can be reuse multiple times. It will be all depends on how you treat the lashes and take care of them after each use. On some situations it could be used for more than a dozen times.

Is human hair vegan?

All human hairs that sourced ethically, from living and healthy human being, without harming the donor, properly cleaned and processed can be considered as vegan.

Type False Eyelashes Human Hair Model

There are so many styles of eyelashes in the market. Royal Korindah as a pioneer in this business has 3 categories in grouping its human hair lashes, simply based on the size and thickness which is Light, Thick, and Extra-long. Other than these 3 basic categories, we also have more advance categories in sorting the types of eyelashes despite what they are made of.

In conjunction to the human hair category, we also have fluffy lashes which is one of the eyelash styles that can be made with human hair. In Royal Korindah, fluffy lashes can be made either from synthetic hair or human hair. Both will have their own characteristics with 3D effect and multilayer looks.

For the users who are looking for a glamour result, these are the lashes collections with long and thick /volume lashes.

The more natural looking lashes are also available for casual or formal occasion as their daily usage. This type of eyelashes is look so natural, blend to your natural lashes with a little here and there to enhance your eyes appearance.

The extra-long models are available for the user who looks for extra glamour and extravagant appearance, suite for all party or formal occasion and become the centre of attention.


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